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From an early age, Benooaa traveled with his family to several countries, first to Iraq, then to Malaysia.

He joins the school benches in France for the first time when he is already 8 years old.

He will start his professional life on construction sites in South East Asia.

At the age of 33, he resumed his studies by joining the School of Architecture of Paris Malaquais   located on the site of the School of Fine Arts in Paris.

Trained as an architect, "hands-on", Benooaa develops a deep personal experience through his art.


Benooaa draws his inspiration from his travels and from the architectural and painting heritage of the great artists of our history.

Benooaa's painting, whether abstract or figurative, is steeped in color.

Shapes, colors, chiaroscuros intermingle and oppose creating spaces in tension, others at rest.


The artist energizes the canvas by using a variety of textures, and playing with the material, the thickness, the transparency, the fluidity of the paint.

His gesture can be smeared, the paint flows and smudges, in contrast with brushstrokes which are sometimes raw and instinctive.

He can use charcoal, acrylic paint, Indian ink, brush, squeegee, cloth or even his own fingers in the service of his art.

The art of  Benooaa is inspiring, it is moving and leaves no one indifferent.



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